mip Management Informationspartner – Short profile

Who we are


mip Management Informationspartner GmbH is an independently consulting company in the south of Germany, located in Munich and Stuttgart.

Approximately 30 years working together with customers enabled mip to gain extensive experience in strategic IT consulting, application development and operating of complex built IT systems.  



What we do



mip consults and develops benefit-oriented data analysis solutions for medium-sized and large enterprises in the commercial sector and manufacturing industry to support their digital transformation. The main topics are Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence as well as Cognitive- and Predictive Analytics. During all projects, it is an essential approach for mip to provide their customers ideas and inspiration for future projects as a full-service provider.

Mip maintains an various network to extend its professional expertise through strategic partnerships with leading IT companies and close co-operations with specialized software vendors. That is how they guarantee that the technological framework will meet the clients’ requirements.

Mip offers a full range of services, from design and system integration right through to service and support for all necessary parts of an integrated solution, including hardware and software components. With the Location Intelligence solutions of Pitney Bowes mip extends its analytics portfolio and enable our customers to enrich and analyse location and geo spatial data for enhanced business insights.




Ursula Flade-Ruf ist Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin der mip GmbH. Sie verantwortet die Bereiche Vertrieb, Marketing, Personal

Ursula Flade-Ruf


  • Fondation and Think-tank of the company
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Partner-Management
  • HR
Markus Ruf ist Geschäftsführer der mip GmbH und Spezialist für den Aufbau eines moderen Date Warehouses

Markus Ruf


  • "Mr. OLAP"
  • Big Data
  • Data Warehouse Optimization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse Projekt-Managent
  • Finanz and IT
Jörg Kremer ist Geschäftsstellenleiter der mip GmbH in Stuttgart und Spezialist für Business Analytics.

Jörg Kremer


  • "Integrator"
  • Specialist Business- & Predictive Analytics
  • Data Warehouse Project-Management
  • Head of the Stuttgart Office
  • Personal-Management Stuttgart


Bissantz is the manufacturer of DeltaMaster software, providing an integrated software suite for sophisticated analysis, planning and reporting. Under a uniform interface, all user groups are addressed, from the analyst to the report recipient. The software is characterized by patented visualizations, which simplify the management of the use of controlling reports drastically.

IBM is the world's largest provider of information technology and the only company in the IT industry which offers its customers the complete range of advanced information technology: from hardware, software, cloud and IT services to complex application solutions, outsourcing projects, funding and training . The software offer is characterized by the consistent use of open standards as well as by the broad range of solutions, especially in the area of big data solutions. IBM is also the largest provider of servers and storage products and solutions worldwide.





Lenovo's proven strengths in scalability, efficiency, innovation coupled with IBM's ability to innovate make this change of IBM System x systems a success. Lenovo's acquisition includes System x rack and tower systems, x86-based BladeCenter and FlexSystem blade servers, integrated systems, and the associated software, switching, and maintenance business.





Pitney Bowes accompanies companies through the complex world of trade. These include, inter alia, the
Innovative location-intelligence solutions that help small and large businesses work from geographic
Data to derive a better customer experience. These are based on

  • The enrichment of conventional data with contextual knowledge, which can be obtained from site data such as:
    For example the name of a particular place or demographics.
  • An effective data analysis with mature spatial analysis for well-founded, knowledge-based analysis
    Business decisions.
  • The visualization of decision-relevant data on maps.

This allows unimaginable simple and effective depth analyzes, the valuable business knowledge
And promote business growth.

Longview is a leading provider of solutions for companies worldwide in terms of corporate performance management (CPM), business tax and business analysis (Business Intelligence, BI).




Targit offers an innovative front-end for analytical data analysis, reporting and dashboard.





mip GmbH ist Microsoft Partner

Microsoft provides solutions for your desktop and server systems.





With VMware virtualization, you can maximize the value of your infrastructure and respond to business requirements in a fraction of the time. This saves you time and money.





ARS is one of the technology leaders in software engineering. Your mission is high-quality consulting and successful projects for the development of high-quality software: The Art of Software Engineering. In addition, ARS provides technology consulting services from expert experts, IBM software distribution and licensing, and training on almost every topic.